At Opulent Wellness, you feel immediate results from the massage therapy you receive. This is because your experience is always customized to your specific therapeutic needs. You will always receive my best recommendation for treatment based on your current state and your desired wellness goals. Explore my signature Personalized Massage treatments and choose how you will….

Discover Luxurious Wellness

Lavish Relaxation

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Try my signature Swedish massage to help you achieve the deepest level of relaxation. The perfect combination of light, medium, and firm pressure is used to ease away your aches and pains and relieve your stress.

Richly Deep



 Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

This Deep Tissue massage is very effective for chronic muscle pain and spasms. It is an intricate blend of Sports and Thai massage and Trigger Point therapy. Get the relief you need no matter where your  muscle pain exists.

Magnificently Aromatic



Healing Aroma Therapy Massage

Further personalize your massage with essential oils. Choose from a variety of hand-selected blends and intuition will lead your body to exactly what it needs.


Bountiful Mother’s Wellness


Bonding Prenatal Massage

Create oneness with your little being within. This massage helps ease the physical discomforts expecting mothers experience during their journey to childbirth.

Flourishing Extremities



Revitalizing Reflexology Treatment

By far, the best foot reflexology treatment you’ll ever receive! This one hour service will smooth and relax your tired paws. Treatment includes:

  • Softening foot bath and exfoliation
  • Shoulder, neck and scalp massage



60 min


90 min


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One of the best massages I’ve ever received! The tension I was feeling in my shoulders and neck was significantly relieved for days after the massage. She has a great touch! Highly recommend!!!