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$49.99  60 minute Massage

$74.99  90 minute Massage

Welcome to your wellness home! At Opulent Wellness, you receive care from a knowledgeable licensed and certified Massage Therapist. With more than seven years of continuous training, your wellness needs couldn't be addressed in a better facility.

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 Miracle Mani

Perfect Pedi Special

Only $40

Your Treatment Includes:

* Miracle Manicure

(Lasts 70% longer than a regular mani)
* Signature Pedicure
* Personalized playlist of music

*Glass of wine




"Daily Wellness Tip"

Static stretching is holding a stretched position for a period of 10 to 30 seconds at a time. These types of stretches are excellent for improving flexibility and increasing blood flow to muscles. Be cautious to stretch only to the point where you can "feel" the stretch.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - 10am-7pm            Friday - 3pm-7pm

Thursday - 10am-7pm           Saturday - 10am-2:30pm

You'll receive consistent, quality, personalized massage therapy at rates you can afford and results you can feel. At Opulent Wellness, we help you "Discover Luxurious Wellness."

Our mission is to educate our clients of the luxurious “wellness benefits” they will recieve from massage therapy.

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We personalize each service to best meet your specific wellness needs. We deliver quality care and results through use of targeted deep relaxation techniques.

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