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$54.99 60 minute Massage

$84.99 90 minute Massage

Welcome to your wellness home! I am instantly your trusted ally that pledges to assist you on your wellness journey. I am a knowledgeable licensed and certified Massage Therapist and Lypotherpist. With more than ten years of continuous training and experience, your wellness needs couldn't be addressed in a better facility.

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"Daily Wellness Tip"

Deep tissue massage is not a massage that has to "hurt". No Pain, No Gain is not a true statement. A massage therapist can

access the deeper layers of muscles and

not cause the client any discomfort. Therapists should teach their clients what the true definition of a "Deep Tissue" massage is. There are lots of intricate techniques that can cause discomfort, but deep tissue, in general, does not.

All natural Body Contouring treatments that deliver REAL results.

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   Lypossage and LypoSlim

I personalize each service to best meet your specific wellness needs. I deliver quality care and results through use of targeted deep relaxation techniques. You will always receive my best recommendations within my scope of practice.

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Tuesday - 10am-7pm            Friday - 3pm-7pm

Thursday - 10am-7pm           Saturday - 10am-2:30pm

You'll receive consistent, quality, personalized massage therapy at rates you can afford and results you can feel. Each new session will feel like it exceeds the one before it. That's simply because at Opulent Wellness, you WILL "Discover Luxurious Wellness."

​My mission is to educate my clients and provide them with the luxurious “benefits” of wellness using therapeutic massage. What this means is that you will experience how wonderful it "feels" to be in tune with your body and discover a desire to maintain that level of wellness.

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